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Test & Measurement Engineering

We provide Test & Measurement Solutions from PBCA to Finished Product for various clients from Design to Installation to help them reduce total ownership cost and shorten the time to market.

Design and Delivered Test Systems to help Clients Product Quality:-

PCBA Test System for Analog and Digital Circuits with Boundary Scan Technique
Automotive Components such as Ignition Module, Engine Control Module,LCD & LED Displays, CD modules, Load Dump Test
Motor Test Systems from DC motors to Stepper Motors of Miniature 'b5Nm torques
Automated Medical Equipment at PCBA and Finished Product Level
Automated Vision Inspection System for complete product test verifications
Aircraft Landing Gear Actuator Testers
Water Meter Tester (Plastic gear assembly)

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M2M Innovations
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Automatic Tester for Medical Product
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Tester for Motors and Electro-Mechanical Devices
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IEEE 1149.1 Boundary Scan Testing
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Ubiquitous Data Access & Control System (U-DACS)
Real-time Remote Monitoring (M2M)
Civil & Geotechnical Engineering
Environmental Monitoring

Test & Measurement Engineering
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