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Our Company
SysEng (S) Pte Ltd was established in January 1994. The SysEng company name is derived from Systems Engineering. We engineer from Systems Level down to Component Level in our approach. Our major customers are MNCs, SMEs and Goverment organizations in Singapore. The systems are sold to customers in Malaysia, China, India and West Germany.

Concept of the Logo
By rotation the SysEng Logo by 90o,

The Logo shows an Analog Sine Wave and a Digital Square Wave moving in the same time axis. It integrates the strength of Analog & Digital Technologies with Software. These technologies are then housed into a Square unit to operate as a system. Using this integrated strength, we develop and manufature systems to support our customers in their business.

Understanding our customer needs and using our strength
With competition increasing, the customer faces new challenges of shorter product life cycle, smaller production lot runs and cost reduction. These demands pull the customer coupled with the burden of high increstments in Test & Measurement and Data Acquisition systems. These systems are controlled by a few major vendors supplying "proprietary locked in" systems, hence restricting the user from expanding the system themselves.

Today, investments must have a pack back period of 2 years instead of the traditional 5 ~ 7 years. Some systems or equipment operate only 50 hours per year and are expensive to leave them idle, since they are not flexible to have other applications. PC based Virtual Instrument - Data Logging systems give the customer more flexibility by having multiple applications operating in the same system. SysEng is engineered from these challenges to support our customers. By having the Sales, Design and Manufacturing functions housed in the same location, the customer have a One-Stop Shop Solution company to help define their requirements better. The customer can explore more options directly with the manufacturer itself. They can define their requirements to suit them, and not be constrained by any hardware vendors.

SysEng believes that the system purchased must serve the customers, and not the customers have to change their requirements to suit the available equipment. This approach will provide an integral cost-effective solution to meet for their needs. When new customers discuss with us, they were delighted to meet an Engineering company, which can understand their needs and have the capability to translate their ideas and wishes into reality. It is the people, who can support the customer, is more important than the company which they represent.

Design and Manufacturing Felexibility
Our Manufacturing facility is capable of producing these systems at "Batch Size One" and the lead timefrom order received to delivery of system is under 2 ~ 3 months. Concurrently, 3 different systems can be manufactured in the same facility. By working with supporting sub-contractors, the production capacity can be increased by 3 times within 4 weeks. During the installation, the system designer will be on site to train the end users, and then hand the system over to the customer.

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